Industrial Scale Up

After validating your product in the laboratory, it is time to take it to the industrial scale.

Our team of chemical process engineers will study the production process thoroughly to prevent any mistake during production. Once validated by the team the production can start.


Proniva Laboratories is a state-of-the art manufacturing plant with the latest equipments for producing cosmetics and personal care products. Whether it is one small batch or mass production, our facility fulfills your requirements.

Proniva Laboratories has the biggest mixing capacity of the UAE with 8 kettles, each specialized in a family of product.

Customized Filling & Assembly

Our filling machines handle a wide range of preparations: liquids, creams, gels, emulsions, suspensions, covering a large spectrum of densities and viscosities.

Our filling lines are adaptable to your customized packaging: tubes, bottles, jars, etc.

A strict quality control is conducted on the filling and assembly lines to deliver the best-looking product

Quality Assuarance

Proniva Laboratories manufacture high quality cosmetics and personal care products are per the GMP ISO22716. Quality is a daily goal, from the manufacturing to the packaging process. Our state-of-the-art laboratory will conduct physical, chemical and microbiological tests to assess:

  • The conformity of the product to your requirements

  • The conformity of the product to the applicable regulations

  • The repeatability of your batch production