Product Development

The first step of the project is to define the specifications of the product in terms of type of product, purpose, texture, fragrance, color, packaging, etc.

The regulatory and standards requirements depending on the country and market are also crucial for the formulation development.

The cost of the project is then calculated. Once approved, we move to the next step, the formulation.


Our team of biochemists, chemists and formulators develop reliable, compliant and cost-effective formulations for many types of personal care and cosmetic products.

Customization of the formulation to your product is possible thanks to our expertise in formula performance through ingredient engineering. This is made possible thanks to our state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with more than 15 testing apparatus.

A pilot blend is developed for your approval and satisfaction before it is taken to the industrial level.

Packaging Design

Choosing the right packaging is very important for your product success. The choice of the packaging depends on your requirements but also our team will ensure that it meets the regulatory requirements, it is compatible with the product, it is cost effective and user friendly.

Our production facility offers different option of packaging filling such as tubes, bottles, jars, of different sizes and materials.

We make sure to deal with reliable suppliers to ensure quality of your packaging but also delivery on time.

Product Regulation

Respecting the cosmetics regulations can be a challenge. Our team of regulatory experts assist you in respecting the applicable regulations on your product, filling the paperwork and implementing the necessary quality tests to validate your product stability, compatibility and quality.